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It takes vision to save a village and that education is key to breaking the cycle of poverty.

$20 for 20/20

Who would have thought $20 could do so much to help the world?  We did.  And now, we want you on our team.  Donate $20 to Vision Village and help grant corrected vision to kids who are desperate to see clearly.  Your $20 donation helps provide a comprehensive Vision Village eye exam, prescription glasses, and follow-up appointments to children who need improved eyesight to realize their potential. Learn More... 

What do you get for your 20 bucks?

Your 20 bucks creates a "win/win." We all win in ways that mutually benefit each other. With your gift of 20 bucks, you will not only get that feel-good vibe that comes from helping people better their lives and vastly improve their futures but the kids win the instant they put on their very own prescription glasses.
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Who We Are…


It takes vision to save a village.

Together, we can help ensure everyone gets a chance to see clearly.   

Vision Village is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established to provide corrected vision through prescription glasses to underprivileged youth. 

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At Vision Village, we’re on a mission to provide impoverished children the prescription glasses they need to correct their eyesight, so they are empowered to shape their future.  With only $20, you can help fill the need in a substantial way.   Make an impact by helping to provide vision screening and prescription glasses to local children. 

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