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Pastor William Bartlett

“In Christ” is not just a pious phrase. It is an identity, an invitation, a positional relationship (under the Cross, grace, and mercy of Christ), a way of thinking, and a way of living. It has been said that education is one of the only aspects of a civilization that is upstream from the prevailing culture. For that reason, education within a Christian worldview (“in Christ”) becomes extremely important. A Christian education not only invites the student to believe, live, and think within the Truth of God’s revelation and Word, but it also flows “downstream” to impact and influence the student’s relationships, spheres of influence, place of work, and community. A Christian education impacts and transforms, not just individuals, but also communities and culture!

This (above) is what I pray and desire that you will find in your experience at Lutheran South High!
My name is Bill Bartlett. I have been a Lutheran pastor for 32 years. For 29 of these years, I pastored four churches: Arlington Hills Lutheran Church in St. Paul, MN; Living Lord Lutheran Church in Bartlett, IL; All Saints Lutheran Church in Phoenix, AZ; and Lutheran Church of the Cross in Laguna Hills, CA. My love for teaching Bible study in the parish and nurturing young people in the “training and instruction of God’s Word” (Ephesians 6:4) led to the start of a Kindergarten-grade 8 Christian School in a satellite campus born out of Lutheran Church of the Cross. Our Lord then opened several doors that led to the birth of Lutheran South High School – a ministry to which I am presently called.

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““Where your Treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Matthew 6:21
“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the Truth.” III John 4
Meet Our Servant Team

William Bartlett

Jeffrey Beavers

Brian Underwood

David DeMars